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The Ultimate Guide for Renting Apartments in Dubai

If you have migrated to Dubai recently, you may get confused about finding the right dwelling places. You need an area that is safe and full of facilities. Why don’t you go for City Walk apartments for rent? The location is outstanding and can cater for you with multitudes of facilities. To facilitate the growing population and to accommodate the emigrants, Dubai is a great place. If you want rental property here, you can follow the following guidelines. Read on to know more-

1.Look for an Apartment

You may want an apartment for a long time, or for a month only, you need to look for one on suitable websites. On those platforms, you can add filters of your choice of apartment, like number of rooms, locality, furnished or non-furnished, and so on. If you contact the landlord or the real estate agent, they can give you information on the following matters-

  • Rent of the property
  • Security deposit
  • Number of cheques over a rental year
  • Desired starting date
  • Furnished or unfurnished
  • Desired starting date
  • Time to view the unit

Once you get satisfied with the information about the rental apartments, you need to shortlist a few and start meeting the agents or the landlord of those properties.

2.Visit the Property

As soon as you select the property to make an on-site visit, you need to be prepared with certain questions to ask the agent. You should always try to reach the venue a bit early and scan the neighborhood thoroughly. You can also arrange a second visit at a different time to get a better idea about the property. When you are looking for City Walk apartments for rent, you need to ask the following questions-

  • Does the property have a good viewpoint?
  • Are the rooms spacious enough?
  • Does the property require repainting?
  • Are the fittings and the fixtures in good condition?
  • Are the electrical outlets at the right spots?
  • Does it require any plumbing?
  • Does the tenant get a parking plot?
  • How safe is the neighbourhood?
  • What is the transportation in that locality?

3.Negotiate the Rent

Once you choose a property, it is time to know about the rent and negotiate it. The landlord or the agent won’t prefer to go down with the rental amount, but sometimes if you pay fewer amounts of cheques, he may get agreed to lower the amount a bit.

4.Reserve the Property

If you want to reserve the apartment for you, you need to pay a security deposit to the landlord which is refundable. The amount is nearly 5% of the annual rent or one month’s rent. You may pay it through cash or pay cheques to the landlord, but it is held by the agent until the deal is finalized. Make sure you receive the receipt of the security deposit so that if you break the deal, you get the money back.

5. Sign the Contract

Once everything is finalized, the agent will send you the tenancy contract where all information regarding the rent is mentioned. You should go through the contract thoroughly and suggest changes if required. For example, if you want a plumbing fixture inside the property you can mention it there. The tenancy contract must have complied with the tenancy rules and regulations of Dubai. If the contract satisfies you, you can sign it and submit and hand over the cheques and agency commission. Never forget to receive the invoices. After that, the agency will have the landlord sign it and hand over the cheques to him. You keep one copy of the signed contracts and the other will be with the landlord. Finally, you get the keys.

6.Get Connected to DEWA

Now, when you have rented an apartment, you need to contact DEWA. You need to submit certain documents to Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) and deposit a refundable amount.

7. Go for Ejari Registration

After connecting DEWA, you need to register with Ejari and submit the DEWA connection receipt. For that, you will need to submit the following documents-

  • Original tenancy contract
  • Title deed or affection plan
  • Original receipt of DEWA connection in the name of the tenant
  • A copy of the Emirates ID
  • Copies of the tenant’s passport and the landlord’s passport

So, these are the essential steps you need to follow for City Walk apartments for rent or any apartments at other places in Dubai.  While renting a property, you need to make sure that the landlord of the property is also the owner. Besides, you should also deal with a licensed agency to stay safe.



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